Leaving items from the toolbar on/in a test subject.

Zeopard 4 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated 4 years ago 1

Currently when using the dildo it performs an action but is immediately removed when player interaction ends. This proposes the idea that (like in the first Rack game) where applicable toys/objects/tools could be left 'equipped' to a subject. This would move the object from the toolbar to the test subject's equipment slot (which must be free for the action to be allowed anyway, if I understand how things work currently). If the object is not at a sufficient status to be left, it could return to the player's toolbar as is the case (for example if a dildo was too far out to stay without falling out).

For example, the dildo could be left within a subject at its current depth. Another example would be a 'fleshlight'-like sleeve. Such objects would be able to be equipped from the inventory screen for an NPC or player as well. This would allow for example the player to walk around with an inserted toy/object as currently works for cock rings, but would apply to applicable interaction objects as well.


To elaborate maybe when item slips out or dropped if you haven't put it inside it drops on the floor and needs to be washed/sterilized. and new one should be taken. (model may decay, while item is put directlyin slot to be sterilized later.