IchorMongrel 4 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated 4 years ago 11

ala Glenskunk or Fieron. What do you think powers a hyper furry?


You need to specify exactly what you mean by hyper hearts or hyper furry.

Are you talking about what was happening to tails over time? Because that got patched in 0.1.6.

Sorry. I mean having a subject with a huuuuge heart. It's a cardiophile thing...


... okay, that's a new one.


horrible pls not.

Why you do not? perhaps on later release you could just not to touch the feature on it.


if i see a client with that tumor on the chest i quit the game.


It would be an option, of course. I don't expect any fetish suggested to be required, or unable to be turned off. I sympathize with you; it's a difficult fetish to understand, but it doesn't need you guys pushing it down.


wtf?! much dislike?! fk u! that's his idea and u don't have anything to say unless it make sense!

This idea is Duper Awesome! please accept it! it's hard to make game!


Plz dnt disklik