Milk/cum machine alternative exits, tube toys for injecting.

Anonymous 9 months ago updated 8 months ago 1

TL;DR The option to output/inject the pumped milk or cum into themselves or another subject, using a tube as well as connecting it to different toys and SM clothes. DO NOT work in reverse scat and/or urination is not sported in Rack 2.

I already know there will be milking machines similar to Rack 1, hopefully even more. Normally the liquid only gets pumped nowhere, for example in Rack 1 you are not able to do anything whit the produced liquid. I would like to add an opening/tap exit one the pump. Here you are able to connect a tube to, this tube can then be used together with various of toys and SM clothes. When not activated or concocted the pump would operate normally, though when connected and activated the pump will redirect the incoming liquid into the exit tube. The point is that the exit tube can be used on the same subject or another, maybe even multiple subjects?. The toys would be equipped on the end of the tube similar to how you connect dildos on the fuck machine in Rack 1. There should be possible to connect the tube/toys to any of the subjects "hole" (Ass, Vagina and Mouth) as well as the possibility to fix them there. the tube could also be connected to gags and other SM clothes. This would also work very well whit the inflation option. Important to note This is NOT suppose to work in reverse, scat and/or urination is not supported in Rack 2. I am sorry if this has already been suggested before and for any misspelling. 

I REALLY like this idea. Imagine giving a male a chemical that lets him cum massive amounts, put pump on dick and put other end anywhere you want. maybe even make it possible to put it in yourself