Cameras and VR-glasses

Anonymous 8 months ago updated 7 months ago 1

Placeable cameras[regular and concealed].

If a subject is nude while it knows it is being observed by a camera, it can gain pleasure via the exhibitionist fetish.

VR-glasses are a wearable item that show the subject wearing them the view from a camera, allowing it to gain pleasure via the voyeurism fetish[especially if the camera in question is a concealed one]. Which camera's feed the subject sees is determined by the player.

If a subject is wearing VR-glasses, it cannot see its local environment(duh).

If the player wears VR-glasses, move the view to whatever camera's feed is shown.

[the cameras' views don't have to be rendered unless the player is looking through them, in which case the player's 1st/3rd person view does not have to be rendered (especially since rendering multiple views in realtime is performance-heavy, and might be nearly impossible to implement depending on the underlying game engine)]

Optional 1: "streaming" a camera feed to earn a little bit of money on the side

[perhaps in the form of minor goals(that might not be what the subject likes)]

Optional 2: camera contact-lenses

A wearable that records/streams the point of view of the wearer. Counts as concealed to any subject that couldn't see them being put on.

Put some thought into that, huh? That sounds pretty awesome. I'd get behind that.