Buildable subject storage tanks

Anonymous 9 months ago 0

The 6 tanks currently in "the pit" (currently used to display the subject in the subject selection screen) look nice IMO, and thus I would like to be able to build more of them.

However, since including the playerbuilt ones in the subject selection screen would likely be janky (at least in terms of camera motions when cycling through them), I propose the playerbuilt ones will serve a different purpose:

Storing subjects the player has favorited.

When the player chooses to end the session with a (newly) favorited subject, allow the player to chose which empty tank the subject should be stored in, or if the subject can go home to be called later.(the subject will also just go home to be called later if they are a client or volunteer who does not want to be stored on-site[e.g. because the player did not satisfy them], and research-subjects might want to be paid an additional sum to be stored on-site)

Filled tanks can be interacted with similar to the crafting machines currently in the game, except it brings up that subject selection screen, but only focused on that specific tank and the subject in it.

Could also be used to have certain subjects there purely as "eye candy", like a living sculpture gallery.