Separate the effects of Sensexa and Nul-Sensexa into separate chemical-pairs

Anonymous 9 months ago updated 9 months ago 1

Currently, Sensexa causes the subject to feel pleasure, and Nul-Sensexa causes the subject to feel pain.

Instead, have Nul-Sensexa make it harder for the subject to feel pleasure[and nullify the effects of any Sensexa in their body], and make an additional chemical/nul-chemical pair for causing/inhibiting pain.

Use case: You accidentally overdosed your subject on Sensexa, and wish to nullify the excess. However, currently the only way to do so is to use Nulriset, which will also nullify any other chemicals in their body, which you might not want.


i agree, it would be nice to move the pain chemicals to something else, and have nul sensexa make it so the subject has trouble gaining pleasure. Both for the reason you stated, since that could get very annoying having to flush the subjects system everytime to get rid of the sensexa, and also this new nul sensexa could be used for some fun denial play, where the subject is able to get aroused, but they don't feel any, or very little pleasure, even though you are going to town on their genitals.