Orgasm transfer rings

Anonymous 10 months ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys 0

A concept I've seen a couple times in images or stories is the idea of pleasure/orgasm transfer, where although one person is pumping away at their genitals, all the pleasure is going to the other person, while they feel nothing or feel a lot less. This idea could be incorporated into rack 2 through an orgasm transfer ring. Say subject A is male, and subject B is female. You could put the input ring on As cock, and the output ring on Bs clit. Start pumping away at A, and as he gets closer B is getting more aroused. When A reaches orgasm however, even if you keep pumping, his incoming pleasure immediately drops to zero. Meanwhile B has a spontaneous orgasm, and whatever movements you are still doing on A, the pleasure is transferred to B. So basically you could have the male hit orgasm but then not actually get to have an orgasm, or even make him have a ruined orgasm, as all pleasure has stopped once he's hit the point of no return. Meanwhile the female is having a wild orgasm, squirting all over the place without any actual contact.