Option to let your subject out of the rack.

Anonymous 11 months ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated 10 months ago 1

It would be nice to have sex with your subject on the floor, table, chair, (Couch or Bed if available) but of course it's not that you can free your subject out of the Rack, but requires your Subject to be 100% in Submission and call you Master/Mistress OR you could make your subject 100% have deep bonds with and satisfaction that it allows you to free him/her/they from the Rack and let you fuck him/her anywhere in the room and choose where to fuck. Like your office desk, Office Chair, Floor, (again, Couch or bed if available).

I know that we already have a thing called the Rack Stock Table and Stock, but it's quite limited into what you want to do and consist of Ending Session and place the subject in another Rack.

Rack Chair: You can Ride, Fuck and BJ your subject. But cannot receive BJ.

Rack Stock: You can Fuck and receive BJ from your Test Subject but you cannot let your Subject thrust you or perform BJ.

Rack Table: You can Ride but not Anal fuck your subject, and you can give and receive BJ.

I like this idea but I wonder if it go against the main idea of BDSM of Rack as a game. Certainly welcoming idea though. Perhaps could be implemented to let you hire said subject as well.