Pleading & ruined orgasm as a fetish

Rose-a-pod 1 year ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated 1 year ago 1

When edging or denying a subject for an extended period of time , they should start to beg or plead automatically. If they're more dominant they might try and hide their desperation , if submissive it would be outright. 

Ruined orgasm should be a fetish (main , not hidden) sort of used as a punishment in terms with denial or edging as well.


In addition to pleading it would be nice if, after a long period of edging, they would gradually start thrusting/grinding harder and harder against your hand/cock/whatever, trying to push themselves over the edge. It would be fantastic if, when you just push them over the edge, let go and ruin their orgasm, they would start flailing around like they do when they are overstimulated, and wildly buck their hips, desperately trying to find one last moment of friction. Especially if we got frantic begging dialogue like "no, please, just one more touch!" as their orgasm just dribbles out.