Oviposition / Egg play

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Whether it be actual laying, or just stuffing egg-like objects into (and back out of) orifaces.

Ok so this is just a genuine question, last time I ask, sorry if I'm wasting anybody's time...

What is this fetish called? I feel like it's similar, right? I mean they kinda blend, honestly. I just like the swirling around and wrapping around the testicles part inside the ballsack. And honestly a lot of oviposition porn has them injecting directly in to the testis or eating and replacing the testis.

I'd say it's infestation, but bugs and worms and stuff I think are another story...

Again I'm sorry if I'm breaking some kind of hard porn rule, or if this grosses anyone out.

Credit to Dmitrys and Wyntersun


I think that would classify as urethral play / sounding, a rather intense version of it to be sure, but still.

Of course, urethral oviposition wouldn't get a downvote from me.

Thanks because my Infestation tab ain't doin' so hot. I can understand I guess... Though I'm glad this is in the like top 20.

Egg play would be great, we could stuff a egg and make it come out when the subject has a orgasm, if that is not the hole that we are fucking of course


What I would love to see is this being connected to the chemical system in the works to create some kind of egg-creating rapid gestation drug that makes it so if the person being administered the drug is ejaculated into they will eventually lay an egg (or a clutch of eggs depending on the strength of the drug) via the orifice they were jizzed in. Maybe also connect it to the fetish system since I think impregnation is one of the fetishes and this is... kinda like impregnation related.


Important to note that I DO specify "the person being administered the drug" with the implication that the player character could take it themselves and go get eggy with it. If the scientist themselves took the drug then went and had penetrative sex with a subject and got themselves knocked up they'd lay just like the subjects.

If Insect characters become a thing, ovipositors

Also how has this not gotten a dev reply yet

^ Some people may also want mammal chars with ovipositors