Make Subjects cum their pants

Anonymous 2 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys 0

Maybe be able to put clothes on characters on the rack, Have a character in his underwear or even wearing full pants and then interact with him, jerk him off through his pants or hold a vibrating wand to his penis and cause him to to cum in his pants. You could have it as a separate fetish/preference slider, where some characters might not mind to much or be aroused by it, but some characters would absolutely not want to cum in their pants; it could make them embarrassed or feel humiliated and try not to cum until you take them off. You could expand on the speech system too where if they are getting close they beg you to take them off quickly before they make a mess. or if they are leaking precum they comment on how they are making a mess ect. Or when you tell a character to cum they can comment how they don't want to until you take their clothes off and try to resist. and when they do cum or are leaking precum, you can see visible wet patches wet for precum and dripping white like on the characters bodies for actual cum