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Please add them to the game


please dont add them

Maybe instead something along the lines of Krystal's Adventures outfit or Leia's slave suit from SW:ROTJ

Someone figure out what to call that, I say it could be tribal but what if you wanted to say tribal like Krystal but Slave like Leia?



At any rate, the OP is most likely talking about the scat and piss catching variety, not the clothing variety.

your suggestion, while it is a nice idea, doesn't have anything to do with the OP's suggestion (arguably a good thing, because fuck diapers).

Well then just make another idea posting and leave this for the others


I'm one of these rare people in that I am into diapers but with cub, scat and watersports being massive turn-offs for me.
I like them in a feeling of texture, chastity and having someone cum multiple times without making a mess kind of way and maybe a slight bit of humiliation.
In that I'd be happy if they were possible as an optional clothing choice or to have the option of modding them in.
Functionally having them work like normal underwear, with the options presented in another suggestion for underwear play here of being able to rub the
subject through them, having them wear toys underneath and have them cum while wearing it.
Only difference being that the cum wouldn't leak through the fabric like with other underwear.


Just for clarification:

In the case of being able to mod them in, that would require giving modders the ability to able to create clothing pieces with custom mesh, custom textures, rigging and maybe blend shapes.

Ideally also being able to define custom interaction sounds (Crinkle) and fabric properties (Not letting cum through).

That would actually be my preferred option as I love modding and more modding options are always great to have.


I can't believe it, but you managed to present diapers in a way that I actually might enjoy.

I'm buying a lottery ticket