Customizeable Environmental Panels

Anonymous 2 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys 0

In the original Rack I liked how you could change the environment from a Lab, to underwater, to a crowded area, to space, etc. I mean I get this is all about lab environment bondage, but it would be nice to customize the lab a little more with this easy feature.

What this does is it adds these 2D panels that can be put on walls (or set up as their own mini wall if you want to section off parts of a room) These panels can then be changed to show different Scenery and if you map all the panels together you could get a very realistic 3D scene using 2D panels.

Now there are different ways of doing this from putting Looping Animations of random scenery on the Panels to actually designing a 3D Environment and reflecting it on the panels. 

This idea is just a little... spice things up, kinda thing. Lab settings are nice, but it is a game about experimentation. Now something that can be added to go with the 2D Environmental panels are "Skins" for the different equipment to change how they look, do you want equipment that looks like its made from wood, or maybe... tentacles? lol You could even include an antigrav system which works with the cum mechanic, making all the fluids float around (Like in the underwater/space environment in the original Rack)

Now I put this under fetish and Sex toys because it does relate to both. 1 it offers new appearances for sex toys and such in general. 2 Fucking in random places is a fetish that can be simulated with those panels. Antigrav and space theme... be epic lol.