Underwear Play

JonTheCaptive 3 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated 2 years ago 4

Not just having sex with underwear still on, but also using them as a sex toy or bondage/chastity item. Dry humping/grinding, using them as a gag, edging the subject and then making them cream their skivvies, face sitting while wearing underwear, etc.Maybe have a serum that makes subjects react negatively or positively to certain underwear colors. For example red/purple/blue/black undes would make the subject more aroused, but brown/white/grey/biege underwear would make them lose arousal and so on.










I agree, since the player can now "pitch a tent" when having a boner with clothes on, you can rock the subjects' world with your tent.

There can be increased anticipation, and some stimulation, but not enough to get near orgasm.

What I'm about to say is irrelevant and random, but all of a sudden I just remembered a video where a midget in a speedo gives a woman a lap dance...

Don't ask what the hell is going on here, just accept it and move on with your life...

I remember the woman's expression tho. Priceless!


Yeah, I'd like that, too.

Also as another underwear type I'd love loincloths / fundoshi so there can be tribal-style characters.