Tentacle pit, living clothes, palmjobs

Trovaa 3 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated 2 years ago 10

Tentacle pit / rack / thingy:

Basically a large pool or pit that the subject is lowered into and teased, tickled, penetrated, or sucked off by tentacles. You can either choose which actions the tentacle pit does or have it do things to the subject at it's own will. There should be different types of tentacles (Sizes, lengths, textures, etc.) For ones that would suck off the subject, maybe add an x-ray of it and different inner textures as well. (maybe tentacles inside the maw)

Living clothes / biosuits

Pretty similar to the last one but more fit for orgasm denial and tickling. Imagine Zero Suit Samus but the inner layer of her bodysuit is all tentacles and sort of a fleshy texture. Moving and jiggling to tease the subject. The more the subject resists or moves around, the more active the clothes become. Added xray would work and also protruding tentacles at any openings of the suit (neck, crotch, sleeves)


Post orgasm torture yaaay!

After a subject orgasms and there's jizz all over the tip of their penis, you can rub the tip with your palm and cause them to either orgasm again or squirt. 


 Fuck yes.

'nuff said


That would be a crapton of work, though.


About $28k a month's worth?


It is unlikely to do such a job, because now the alpha version.


I want this. Shamelessly, I can't get enough of tentacles.

Aside from that, it's a pretty popular fetish that I don't know will be in the game or not because I'm having difficulty finding anything about at least a confirmed thought about such implementation (i.e. Trello). I'm not picky about how the tentacles are presented just as long as there's plenty to go around. And "around" in more ways than one. Oh-ho!~

Correct me if I'm wrong, fek. But I recall a few tentacle pics or commissions by you? I understand if you don't want to though with the whole "best for the game, no marketing strategy" stuff you said.


I'm a fan of tentacles myself, though I also understand how much of a nightmare it is to try and create appealing imagery and animations based on them.


I agree. But if it really is that much work, at least it will be quite rewarding depending on how they turn out. I mean, I think it could be possible with a bit of practice. Then again, I don't really know hard it is to make a game like this. So don't quote me on that.

For now, just remember the "form follows function" principle (if that still applies). Then you might be able to spiff it up from there once you've got the tentacle system down. Probably exhausting, but rewarding in the long run. Or at least it's the way I see things.


the palm job thingy would be a welcome addition too

living clothes and biosuits could achieve similar effects as the tentacle pits, but would require less work to implement.


technically the palmjob part is already in the game (aka "polish") but only when the subject is sensitive enough.


Alternatively, transparent tentacles? A bit of both worlds on that x-ray or "internal view" part you mentioned. Or maybe an option to toggle it or different transparencies.