mapping subject's nerves

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I hadn't seen this yet, so I figured I'd type it up myself, since this is a science game after all.

what I had in mind was to have a device that would scan a subject and map out their nerve endings and analyze their pain/pleasure senses and sensitivity, erogenous zones, etc. It'd offer the option to enhance or decrease sensitivity, as well as directly or indirectly stimulate the nerves to produce desired effects (instant orgasmic pleasure for instance)

I had two ideas for how this would function, direct, indirect and maybe a hybrid of the two.

indirect mapper (easier to animate): the scientist has a scanning device that projects a beam over the subject and maps out their nerves by applying stimuli to them. After the mapping, the scientist can then use the beams to manually stimulate nerve clusters as they desire, able to pinpoint specific nerve clusters (tip of the penis or clitoris for example) and activate the pleasure receptors in that specific area via the scanner beams.

Direct mapper (harder to animate): a more complex machine that has a set of arms with ball point pads at the ends of its "fingers" that run over the subject and scan the nerve clusters through stimulating them and taking readings of the subject's response to various stimuli. The scientist could then use the arms and "fingers" to manually apply various stimuli as desired (electrical, vibration, direct nerve stimulus, etc) just like with the indirect mapper.

Hybrid: a mixture of the indirect mapper and direct mapper, any combination of the two.

overall, the procedure should be able to be particularly intense, opportunities for potentially crazy overstimulation and pain all around.


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This would be an absolute bitch to make though.


not really, since it plays off of mechanics already in the game.

I could understand this statement if it were being made from scratch, but its not.


I imagen the implementation of the Visial side to be easy, just useing the bones that are in place and mapping crude low poly triangle strip lines to them, makeing the body transparent, just as it does with your character in certain view modes.. they can strech how ever with no problem because the are just lines, everything esle, codewise depends on how Fek has created his code at the moment. If he keeps it flexible, then maybe connecting sensibillity Values and Formulars with something like this would be easy, and I guess it is pretty soft coded because he is still early in development.

I see the potential here to implement something more gamey just like with the synthesis minigame.

to give it a balance and more fun.

I for one, am for giving a short prototype a try, because from a design standpoint it connects the theme, with gameplay, but also gives agency and coice.