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Not sure if I can post a link or not in this site, however, for the admin of the site, delete this message if links are not allowed. I will be editing this in about a week, if possible during that time with the requested species above.

The link will be going to drive where a set of Dobermans for the current version of Rack 2 (v0.2.6) for which can then be downloaded.

(placeholder spot)

Nah your good, I have no complaints as I was working with what I have and your input in the matter is greatly appreciated. 

About the overheating issue, might I recommend an AIO Water Cooler (All-In-One) as when I first started playing I ran into the same issue at medium-ish settings with the stock Intel cooler at 92°C.

That can be made by choosing tiger as the base and enlarging the head, adding muscle mass, meaty paws, and changing all colors to match him (have no idea of the color code but googling What are the hex color codes for Diego from Ice Age will suffice) if needed, use one of the options to either enlarge the fangs or give them more mass if it does not seem just right. Apart from that you can add your own decals that are available to make it your own. I will edit this later to post an image of the finished item.


I just uploaded the image for the character, it is the best I can personally do for the character you may be looking for, however it can probably use some minor details or adjustments to make it more like Diego from Ice Age. Also to note, I had to go off an Image from google as there were no Hex Colors available to really make it detailed.

Sounds like a good idea, would love to see what may show up and what people may have in mind for as a character.

This can already be done in the advanced character editor of the game.

All you need to do is choose the base and then add or change what you want like the head or something that you may be looking for.

I can fully understand where you would like to have the dab pose however that would more than likely be way out of place for Rack 2 or would be needed unless something calls for it and even then the possibility of it being present may not be for some time (if applicable)

Would not need to map them as they can be an action when interacting with subjects to reduce button mapping and can be used throughout the game as needed.

Would also like to choose facial expressions as well 

(modifiable when doing interactions with subjects)

Though a Lombax race would be nice i feel that a release of the source files for creating characters would be needed to do this correctly avoiding legal issues with Sony Network Ltd. or if you can create it using the advance character editor and stretch the ears like a lynx and rotate them to the back of the head, use the lion pattern on the body color, use large 3 toed feet, a lion tail and make the character short as this method would be as close to Ratchet as you can get without getting sued by Sony 

I am aware of there being leeway for what would be fan art however the profit for it such as commision and or the use of Pateron for it in any way would end up getting Sony involved in the matter if they hear of this in question at least that is what i am aware of in the US as everywhere else the laws for this may differ 

in conclusion I feel the source files may be needed or required, make full use of the advanced character editor to get a close representation to Ratchet as possible for this matter.

Of course after a cost of some of the in-game currency like would be used for buying toys or equipment