Milking machine

Anonymous 4 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated 2 years ago 8

Cock milking machine, with various speed settings and suction strengths. Variations can include one that strokes up and down, or like a cow milker that handles all stimulation internally, and just stays flush with the body.


i have a suggestion for that, you could upgrade the cock milker with vibration, electro stimulation and some kind of brush for the cocktip.


Brush for the cocktip would be awesome for post-orgasm stimulation! I really hope this gets added.


It could also be used on females and Cboys to sufflate the labia and clitoris, which increases sensitivity, although that might end up being a separate thing.


I think it'd have to be in the animation mostly, but one that had a rotating action would also be neat!


Pussy milker would be nice too, with something to tease the clit.


This would be awesome, and especially so if there were a way to inject the extracted cum into another fur's genitals or rump.


There should be an option where your character can use it on himself


Given that a milking machine existed in the original Rack game by fek. I'd say, if maybe not straight away, it will be added at some point down the line. Not sure what animation barriers there are for the game, but I'm sure something like this will be something he'll want to add.