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Cum inflation/all the way through

Anonymous 4 years ago in Fetishes and Sex Toys updated by PBear 3 months ago 29

Basically just making the subjects' belly bulge after they've been filled enough, and maybe make the cum start coming out of the other end if they're full and are still being filled.


All the way through for tail holes sounds possibly hot, either they cough it up, or it gushes out their mouth and/or nose. As for filling the vagina beyond capacity, a belly button suddenly popping up could be a funny indication.


I mean, how else are you going to know the fox is full unless it has a runny nose?


I'm upvoting this response simply because it made me laugh.  Though, a part of me.. doesn't disagree with them either.  >_>


Would be even better if those effects applied to the player character, too

Dev Response

I am... shocked to see that this is so popular. Interesting.


Shocked/disgusted or just shocked? :V


Probably there are a lot more people into it than you'd think, and they're too embarrassed or something to draw/commission/admit to liking it, so having it in a game with highly customizable characters would be ideal for them


I was personally torn on whether to thumbs up or down because I love cum inflation but I'm not a huge fan of all the way through. Maybe if you include it, offer people the ability to opt out of either or both options? It is a pretty common kink, but I'm sure there are still people who might be squicked by it!


we are furrys, what did you expect? >^.^<

So, is it going in, or what?


if you are going to implement this (please implement this, it would make this my favorite game), then implement being able to inflate them with other things too, like water, slime, gas, etc.


I would believe that it's so popular because it's another visual indication that a subject has been cum inside of. The current dev builds there isn't really any indication except for some dribbles out of the anus or vagina.. and if your camera isn't in the right place at the right time, you may miss it completely.


Possibility of including cum inflation when subject is swallowing cum too?


The all the way through thing kinda puts me off


I kind of agree with you, but think it should be a selectable option at the start of the game when you're selecting fetishes


Man, I'm just going to bump this idea to make sure it stays fresh, to be completely honest


The infinite cum ring was one of my favourite toys from the first game. Since I'm sure you have body deformation mechanics already for the character customization, this probably wouldn't be too hard to implement.


ima add this to my want list, but as someone already said, i'd like a way to opt out of all the way through. i like the cum to be contained within :P

Could just have a mouth open/closed mechanic, or something of the sort

Holy fuck! I didn't think this would be so popular when I posted this! I also didn't play the original rack, so I didn't know certain "impossible" fetishes like cartoon based inflation, was a thing. The reason why I didn't play the original was because I was probably too young, and I have never heard of it.


Yeah! Like the stuff in Sherly_karu art... okay maybe toned dowe a little


Does wanting the male knotting the female can be considered a fetish?

thanks in advance for the response.


As long as it has the option to turn it off, that is certainly a good idea because the lack of visual indicating that the subject has been cum is really a problem, but I think there's other ways to show it like the cum starting the squirt every where, manly on the body of the subject.

Sorry my English 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)


hope we got a option to lick your client's cum off their bodies and they can lick on our body afterwards 


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I would absolutely love this