Water room

Nathan Mewfii 3 years ago in General Suggestions and Ideas updated 3 years ago 7

Basically this would be used for different tentacle situations...


That'd be cool, also it allows for the idea of changing an entire experiment room, rather than just placing new objects.


But that will be a tough thing to render the scene :P

Well start by forcing low res stuff in beta mode maybe?

Well i do enjoy some of the tentacle art on FA, and so I agree it would make an intersting "Sexmachine" in RACK 2, I guess

It could work like this:

1. Research a new object: Gigant Octopussy Pool

2. Set up Pool in a room, getting it out of the garage may be a bit difficult though

3. Ask your new pet for it's appetites

4. Select suitable vic... ahm subject for the session

5. Toss subject into pool

6. Watch the show


7. Train your pet so it learns new "attacks"

*giggle* Don't ake me too serious though, I just think it's a good yet funny idea.

The training your "pet" thing could actually work.

I mean think about, pay subjects to be the.. well, subject to train your "pet" on, using that you can train it to be more obdient somehow, and do specific things/options. Rather at first, it being reckless.

something like that.


This would be awesome, plus the textures already exist in the shower area for the player.  I would love to be able to string up...AHEM, gently restrain a subject near a wall and spray them with water, then scrub them with soap and shampoo, also give them enemas, and possibly rub them down with lotion or oil.  An option to shave fur or feathers would be above and beyond fantastic.  Fingers crossed.


I'm not really thinking about tentacles, but I am thinking about being with test subjects in the water room/pool.

idk if Fek is going to do something like this though.