Black history month statue in the labs

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To celebrate our legendary victory against centuries of oppression from the white vermin. BHM goes to show how unstoppable us black people be. And for that, whitey hates us. They should be honored we let them in our country. BLACK LIVES MATTER


bringing you overseas on the boats was a mistake

What u say u cuck? YOU white fucks came to OUR country. Y'all act like dis cuntry is white. Ha. Wheres YOUR history month?

> I'm part native american, bitch, if anything WE were here first

> You can have your one month, we have the rest of the year

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hate to break it to you, you spick lover, but God is black. The only people hanging in the near future would be you white parasites when we finally take back our land. One. By. One.

nah bitch you aint. Last I checked your some genetic white mistake or native American that wears fur over their heads thinking they're cool. When it reality, it was us BLAK peeple that hunted and fought for you before whitey killed y'all worthless  race off. We b God BITCH

> me sitting here being literally god

> some mud monkey bitching and whining and throwing a hissy fit about their genetic defect brethren

> entitled and arrogant hubris shitstain tries claiming to be what I literally am