White boi humiliation

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We should have the option to create human white males and humiliate them for their worthless existence. I mean come on, the average white dick is at MOST 2 inches. Whereas us fine black brothas at LEAST measure up at 18. Pathetic really. Y'all know you want to. Huh white girls? 


Fine black brotha here. Yeah he should. Fek IS black, so I don't see why not. Lol, can't castrate them tho... THEY HAVE NO PENISES!!! 😂😂😂. Yeah, I fucking hate them to. Look at us, we even own the internet now. Ha, kill whitey!


It wouldn't surprise me that your dick is so gorged with your dirty blood that its starving your already underdeveloped brain and causing you to produce this hilarious degeneracy.


eh, we gotta white boi! Kill em! Hang him like he did my distant brothas!


my ancestors were too busy getting hammered in the pub to bother with you and your mud monkey friends.


whatever u say, white slave 


Suck my nuts, nigglet

Great, so stuff like this is already starting

da fuq let a piece of shit whitey like urself on OUR internet? Get out white boi. You cant handle our domination. Ur lucky u hife behind ur screen all day. Using teknologoy WE creeated. UR WELCOME


says the nigglet squawking from his obamaphone


yup, welcome to the circus


bruh u be hatin on blak men cuz we own ur gurlz AND have da world biggest dick. Topping out at 25 inches...

You do not know de wae, my brudda.

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I no da way 2 ur mom's pussy. U fucking white maggot

you have to have ebola to know de wae

you are too busy trying to get de white women, you betray your queen.

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the fuq cracka? So in addition to having pretty much no dik, u spewin dis nonsensical bullshyt? U gone retarded whitey? Fucking virus, ur bunch.


do you not understand your own tongue, brudda? You betray your bruddas and forgot de wae in your thirst for de white booty.


nah bruh, white gurlz r just anotha way to own da planet, not our fault dey beg for us


dis is not de wae, my brudda. You will die lonely and widout a queen.

da white booty is not de wae.