Blak peeple only servers

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I b serious, white peeple b so racist. Us blak folk NEED to be free of da white devils.


GO michelle Obama!



you are food for the moons, nothing more.


can't us blak superior peeple b left alone from the white vermin? Goddamn bruh


A maggot claiming superiority to the grub is still an insect and beneath the moons.

you are pathetic.

You will be made whole when the moons wake.


bruh, get outta here wit da rasist shyt. Fuk y'all non blaks


bruh, how many times... BLAK PEEPLE CANT B RASIST.


Congratulations for feeding the troll, dumbass.


eh u think I b a troll, nigga? How bout I fuk ur white gurlfriend while you beg me to stop? U dumb fukkin white boi.


calling your sorry excuse for genetics a "troll" would be an insult to trolls.


who allowed u 2 speek white boi? U dumb kunt I told u, we OWN U now. Get da fuq outta our cuntry. Fukkin swamp skin

A free man doesn't require permission to do anything, a free man does as he pleases and shoots any motherfucker dumb enough to tell him otherwise.

All you will ever be is a worthless maggot screaming into the wind for attention.

Luckily for you, I happen to be bored. You happen to amuse me.


yeah whitey? I also happen to amuse ur white gurlfrend and mom. Now, bend over u cuck, I'll amuse u 2.

Friendly reminder that I'm Orange, not white. Plus, I'm a fox with nine-tails. Not that I expect your poor frail little mind to be able to spare the braincells to remember that.

Thanks for the compelling offer, but I politely decline. I highly doubt you'd be able to please me.


Ok bitch boi, I'm blak. No wat dat meens? I have a 70 incher muthafucka. Im pretty sure dat wood pleese u. And ur white family. Im sorry, orange family. Wat u say now cuz? Dats way I thot. No one can get bigger den us fine, blak men. Evry1 wants us, and y'all wanna B us.

bitch please, yours is average at best.

my family isn't orange, just me.

you humans don't impress me, you will be food for the moons, period.

I'd rather be a seagull than one of you mud diggers.


u white mistake. Dont u have anything bettr 2 do den insult ur owners? U lucky u b hiding behind ur screen. Cuz us blaks would utterly slaughter whitey if it came down 2 it. U white peeple feer us and u no it. Da wurld nos we b da superior race. No fukkin orange foxcan change dat bruh. Just admit it, whitey feers us. Or whitey wants 2 b us. Give up kracka

again, not white, orange. Nobody owns me, so says my gun.

You are a very entertaining mud monkey.


jokes on u cuz. Munkeys dix are the largest animal dik. Besides blak men, no1 has bigger dix u bitch 

So...you're saying you have a micropenis and you have about as much brainpower as a bacteria?

You have my condolences, I'm sorry nature has given you the worlds two cruelest handicaps.


bruh, blak peeple have da wurlds biggest dix. Facts. The average blak dik is at LEEST 12 inches and 10 wide. The average white boi is at MOST 2 inches. All da white women in da wurld want us. Dats y whitey hates us. And besides dat, we also the smartest and largest race period nigga 

you were cursed with a micropenis and can't get it up for the women, gotcha. You have my condolences, mud monkey.


bruh, only non blacks have micros. U dumb pigskin. 

says the nigga with a micro


I get not caring about feeding the troll dude, but try not to be racist while you do it?

And yes, black people can be racist


Blacks are the most racist of the bunch, to be quite honest

they wanna have their cake and eat it too, pulling bullshit like this, yet wonder why nobody buys it when they cry racist


nah cuz, only whitey is racist. Black peeple just fine and perfect the way we are


Blacks are a stain


fuck u u white cuck. Who let u on our internet?

oof, is that the best insult you can come up with?

my condolences 


bitch, da fuq? Go kill urself. I fukkin hate u whitey. Da fuq cuz condolences meen? U making up words now whitey? U think ur so smart huh?

I tried killing myself before, didn't work.

Woke up and spat out the bullet an hour later.

You should try it yourself, its pretty fun tbh.


ur gurl b spittin my cumu fuck.  2 bissy owning and creating strong fine black men using ur used to be women's pussy. Dig dat cracka

nigga you gay then.

gay ass nigga


Im gay, even do i bang ur white gurlz pussy? Dat makes sense you cuck


I don't have a girl, gaynigga

if you bangin my significant other: you a gay-ass-nigga


oh, so u gay then?

Never said I was gay, nigga, just that your ass was gay if you bangin my significant other.

rub those two braincells of yours together and think about it, retard.


nah, there's no such thang as a gay black man. We all just destined to own ur white whores. Another mistake of whitey, 99.99 percent are gay. Hell, YOU are the ones that started the AIDS disease and fucking EBOLA. U nasty shitbags. Blak peeple b perfect. 

says the gay ass nigga who keeps saying they wanna bone my Boyfriend.


ur boyfriend b blak, u no it

nope, he's a latino.

I'd fuck a dog before I let some filthy mud monkey anywhere near me


so if he ain't blak, then he b micro dicked.  Y don't u submit 2 ur master race and go for our 20 inch horsecocks. It's every non blaks dream to have some of us. Hell, ur faggot ass wetback boyfriend probably hates u cuz u ain't blak, deep down he wants a BBC... but he's 2 much of a trash ass non blak pussy


if I wanted horsecock, I'd fuck an actual horse.

at least they have personality and know their place, which is more than I can say for you and your insufferable mud monkey friends.

Also, newsflash, my "wetback" boy toy hates you worthless ghetto trash mud monkeys too.

Even more than I do, oddly enough.


oh, yeah? Well guess what, blak history month is coming. It's time to bow DOWN 2 ur owners. Watu say now, cuz

the fuck is a "black history month"?

stop making up bullshit holidays


bruh, it begins in feburaey.  It's about worshipping da blak race. Everyone nos dat


uz b jellus of da truth kracka

Bitch I'm blacker than you and my ass is orange.


ha, you WISH you were black. Go take your spick of a bf and explore this wonderful black country. Before it's too late. Know what I b sayin cuz? 😉

if I wished to be black, then I would be black. I prefer orange, much nicer and more civilized color.

Once the big igloo hits and your sugar daddies in the left wing get fucked by the right wingers, then you parasites will starve without the kool-aid and welfare keeping you alive.

nigga u b racist a fuq. Cant wait till michelle Obama gets elected. Y'all will be gone. Hate you fukkin non blacks

its called a "white house" not a "niggahouse"